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Whether it’s your personal project like a celebration or event, or a corporate training video, Steelfeather is there for you when you need a high quality video or photograph. In our opinion, there’s no better way to describe something than a picture or a video. Below you’ll find the blog. The blog is where we talk about new gear, news and new projects we’ve worked on and completed.


Best Kodak Lightroom Presets

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Lately I’ve been experimenting in Lightroom with different presets. I’m trying to achieve old film looks here, but only dating back about 20 years to the 80’s & 90’s. I have found a range of amazing presets, that I like to apply to a photo after I’m finished with it in PhotoShop. Here are my favorites presets, with download links under them. Kodak Gold 100+    Kodak Gold 100 + Soft Highs   Kodak Gold 100 Contrast +++   Kodak Gold 100 Cool   All of these amazing presets can be found in VSCO FILM’s 00 Pack. Have a look at their other presets – amazing stuff here. Thanks and look out for my FugiFilm [...]
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Filter Cheat Sheet

Filters & When To Use Them Earlier today I was reading this awesome writeup over at Digital Camera World by Jeff Meyer. I recently purchased a number of colored graduated filters and I’ve had much luck using them. Filters allow you to create clearer, sharper and better images in most cases. For a full guide on how to use the correct filter in the correct circumstance, check out the info-graphic below. Source: Digital Camera World / June 2015 Blog / 11 Important Photography Filters and When They’ll Improve Your Images (Cheat Sheet)
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Creating & Promoting a Successful KickStarter Campaign

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Overview About a month ago, I set up my first KickStarter campaign, with only 12 days to reach my goal. With over 36 hours to go we hit the 100% mark, and finally we were successfully funded at 140%. Check out the Red Models Canada KickStarter I created here. Starting Materials Content is key. When I say content is key, I’m referring to your content being of the highest possible quality, and it being as ready as possible. Per say, don’t launch a kickstarter for your short film until you’ve shot enough footage to show people a credible trailer, or show them a large the film. Keeping The Crowd Interested [...]
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Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

Small Lens for Small Spaces This Spring I was researching online what the newest Canon lenses were while I came across something released just last year in 2014; the all new 24mm f/2.8 STM “Pancake Lens”. Canon Ad – April 2014 I thought to myself, seeing as I love pancakes, why not give this lens a try!? Actually… I’m looking at 2 things here. At this point I’m searching now, and have been for almost a year, for a lens that allows me to utilize smaller rooms or areas for fashion photography. The 35-135 is great for this, but it also gives me a crop factor of 1.6, while shooting with an entry level [...]
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Canon EF 35-135mm f/4-5.6

eBay In my recent searches on eBay to find a fine Canon lens I came across this rare short-telephoto zoom first produced in 1990 and later extinct in 1997. When it was originally introduced it was worth $500 USD. The lens features a rear focus ring and an ultrasonic motor. The barrel is made of steel so it’s very heavy, weighing in at about 2 lbs. It was replaced by the 18-135 with an image stabilizer last in 1997.  While I don’t mind the lack of a wide focal length like18 or 20mm, some may be more conscious in seeking a wider angle by getting the 18-135. Pros & Cons Honestly this lens is amazing, [...]
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